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CBD Vapor Pens blended for Sleep and relaxation, to wake you up and energize you and to take care of that hangover (for reals)

Last night was a long one, but you’ve got things to do today. Organic Non GMO Peppermint helps to get your mind clear and focused. try the BE CLEAR. 

Perfect for those early mornings. This is a vibrant blend of Organic Non GMO Lemon, Persian Lime and Ginger Essential Oils. Time to get up and go! try the BE ALERT. 

The long day is finally over! Time to relax and kick back. Our nighttime blend of Lavender, Chamomile, and Valerian Organic Non GMO Essential Oils is just what Mother Nature ordered. Make the nighttime your friend again.

-40 MG of Pure Organic CBD
-500 Hits
-Instant absorption
-Light, Fresh, Clean Flavor that leaves your breath fresh smelling
-Organic Cotton Wick
-No Glycols, Glycerin or GMO
You gotta try these!

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