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Looking for Something Special?
Tired of Traveling for Your Organic Groceries?
Bring Us Your Empty Package
If We Can Get It For You We'll Order It
And Give You 20% Off!*
See Store For Details

We are a Local Business Committed to bringing you the Healthy Groceries you want.
We know you can go to big box stores, and drive out of town to get that one special something organic or healthy that nobody else in town has.

We want to be that place for you.  

To show you we are serious bring us the empty package with a UPC code and if we can get it through our regular vendors or business partners, we'll bring it into the store just for you!

There are some restrictions and limitations, we obviously can't get big box brands (whole market, Fresh foods, or whoever those guys are) See Store for full details, BUT...

If you bring us a package for something you want, we'll give you a coupon for 15% Off whether we can get it or not!

If we can get it we'll give you 20% off on your initial purchase of that Item. 

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